Inexplicable Part 4: Mavericks in the New World

A searing hot brand inches closer and closer to your face.  The sound of a soul-destroying scream pierces the darkness of your cell. Imprisonment, exile, torture and death.  What good could possibly come from all of this?

In Episode 4 of Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth, we see how “All things work together for the good” actually comes into play.  Separatist clergy in England suffered unimaginable horrors for defying the Church of England in their quest to honor God.  The price they paid was horrific; sometimes, death.  In the moment it would be so very easy to believe God had abandoned his true believers.  But Romans 8:28 is a promise. And that promise brought about a great harvest on the continent of North America and forged the very foundations of who we are today.  This abuse and torture propelled the Pilgrims and Puritans to leave the comforts of home and civilization to press out into the wild unknown.

In this compelling episode you will meet courageous mavericks who were willing to stand in the face of hardship, torture and even the very laws and traditions of their day to spread the gospel to a new world.

You will meet devoted Jesuits from France who were martyred in their selfless efforts to bring the love of Jesus to the First Nation people of New France (today’s Canada) – even in the face of extreme torture.

Heroes like Anne Hutchinson who found her voice and challenged the establishment theocracy by teaching that the gospel is not about laws and works but about love and grace.  Roger Williams suffered the same fate for his maverick spirit and bold beliefs which insured the freedom of worship and the true separation of church and state. And Harriet Tubman, who risked her life to help fellow African Americans escape the horrors of slavery through the Underground Railroad.

The fourth installment of our documentary series, North America: Mavericks in the New World, is chock full of compelling men and women who were willing to break the rules, stand up to kings and governments in their desire to live out scripture as they understood it.  As you’re drawn in to these true-life stories, you will understand the very roots of this bold, swashbuckling land of free thinkers and mavericks…the very spirit that has set us apart and made this nation great.

Written by:
Norman C. Mintle, Ph.D.
Executive Producer