Let the Adventure Begin!

Jesus told them to, “Go!” and they went!

Sounds rather simple when you read such a short sentence. But that may have been the beginning of the most complicated, painful and for many – fatal – mandate the Christ ever issued.

Mark’s gospel records Jesus’ message (16:15), and then Jesus himself reminds them in Acts 1:8 that they will take the Gospel far beyond their known world, “…to the uttermost parts of the earth.” It’s really impossible for us today, knowing what we know about our world, to understand how baffling that must have sounded.

Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth is TBN’s new six-part documentary series created to tell poignant and often unknown stories from 2,000 years’ worth of history.

When I was asked to spearhead the project, serving as Executive Producer, I did so with awe and reverence. And a lot of trepidation. Never before has anyone or any network had the audacity to attempt to tell the monumental story of how the Gospel spread from a tiny band of Jewish believers to become what the Pew Center recently characterized as the only world religion with a major presence on every continent today.

We took that as our thesis statement. If true, how could that possibly have happened?

In this powerful series of journeys around the globe, you will meet the kinds of people Jesus loved: the unknown, the weak and sinful, along with the famous, powerful and holy. Together, they were led by the Holy Spirit to play roles of great influence for the Kingdom’s sake.

This is a legacy project. One hundred years from now, should Jesus delay his return, it is our hope that when anyone searches for the history of Christianity, this series will be just as alive, just as relevant and mostly, just as powerful a witness to God’s eternal plan-accomplishing power as it is today.

Written by:
Norman C. Mintle, Ph.D.
Executive Producer