Northern Europe

Northern Europe: vast lands rich in tradition, mystery, and stunning beauty.

The Gospel scaled the German and Swiss Alps throughout the fourth century and made its way to Nordic territories as the Roman empire collapsed.

By the 11th century, Christianity had reached most of Europe. Great division soon emerged. First, with the “Great Schism” that created two denominations within Christianity: Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox–both of which still exist today—followed by the Protestant movement of the 1500s.

Today, we are told that Christianity in Northern Europe is dying. Since the end of World War II, the region has steadily become post-Christian. What was the spiritual anchor is now seen as unimportant and archaic.

Some predict Christianity in Northern Europe will remain on a backburner for the next century. And while new converts to Jesus may be few, they are strong.

History has taught us, though, that God can do much with a faithful few.

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