Sharing God’s Love Around the World: An Overview of Ministry Partnerships with The State of Faith

The story of Christianity: God’s Heart For the Nations

How do you tell a story so epic? How do you capture a revival that spans two millennia, traverses every continent, and reaches almost every tribe and tongue? We knew we could never do this on our own. To tell this story and to tell it right, we needed the Church – the body of believers who are living the Great Commission. And we found them.

For the first time in TBN’s history – and quite possibly ever – over 100 ministries have come together to share how God is working in the world today, each one integral to this story that is still being written. The world is their mission field; that’s 195 countries, roughly 6,500 languages, and nearly 7.8 billion people – 3.2 billion of whom are unreached (Joshua Project).

It’s here that our ministry partners shine. For these ministries, no place is too far or soul too lost. They reach the multitudes and the marginalized, the churched and the unchurched, the persecuted and the persecutors.

From the villages of the Solomon Islands and the brothels in Thailand to the farms of Bolivia and the shores of Greece, they serve in every corner of this earth united in one purpose – to share God’s message of truth and love.

Our Ministry Partner Stories: Christianity’s Heart for His Mission

Through the 400 plus stories we have filmed and received from our partners, I have found myself personally challenged, inspired, and overwhelmed.

My eyes are now open to what it means to be a Christian throughout the world. I have seen its stunning diversity and tenacious spirit; I have also felt its worth and urgency. The need is great, and all of our ministry partners are meeting these needs.

They are rescuers like International Justice Mission and A21.

They are storytellers like Moving Works and Deidox.

They are intercessors like Bethel and IHOP.

They are evangelists like Salvation Army and Every Home for Christ.

They are healers like Mercy Ships and Joni & Friends.

They are revivalists like Passion and Mission Me.

They are servants like YWAM and World Help.

They are advocates like Voice of the Martyrs and Open Doors.

They are humanitarians like Compassion and Samaritan’s Purse.

United in Heart for His Purpose

Ultimately, these ministries are much more than our partners. They are the current state of faith. And together, we are a tapestry of this great story of Christianity; we are testaments to His heart for the world. We simply could not tell The State of Faith without our ministry partners. Our team is blessed to have such tremendous support, and we are honored to share their stories through this project.

To view these ministries at work, check out the “Feature Stories” section of our Region pages on our website and tune in to our Praise Specials throughout the year.  For a full list of The State of Faith ministry partners, check out our Ministry Partners page.

-The State of Faith Team Member