Welcome to The State of Faith Blog

Hello Explorers!

Consider this blog as your guide through The State of Faith journey.

  • We’ll explore the cultures of each of our 20 regions  and provide crucial context for our trek through these lands.
  • We’ll take you behind the scenes to discover the “in the making” adventures we’ve had the last three years, as we’ve worked to bring you stories from around the world.
  • We’ll meet members of The State of Faith team, as they share insights, personal stories, and their heart behind the project.
  • We’ll encounter lesser-known stories and fascinating facts of faith, as the goal of our journey is to explore Christianity’s spread around the world.

…and so much more. We hope you’ll join us here, on the blog, as we journey on this exciting trek through time and today. It all begins in January (SO soon!)

In our next post, we’ll share a roadmap (and some sneak peeks!) for what to expect throughout 2020 with The State of Faith.