Your Brand is Your Promise: The Meaning Behind Inexplicable’s Opening Sequence

Your brand is your promise.

Wise words from an old advertising mentor many years ago.

That phrase holds a powerful truth; one that billions of people unknowingly have tested over time.

Take Coca-Cola, for example. Presuming you enjoy a Coke from time to time, every time you open a can and pour out the dark, fizzy drink, you expect to taste precisely the same beverage you drank the last time and the thousands of times before. Coca-Cola, the brand, promises you that consistency.

For the early Church of believers, there was no established brand.

We do know that in the first century, the “ichthys” the symbol of the fish, became a secret code to alert fellow believers that you belonged with them as a follower of “The Way.”

But in the year AD 312, as the emperor Constantine prepared for battle against Maxentius, he had a dream in which he heard the voice of God say, “In hoc signo victor eris,” (In this sign you will be the victor.) That symbol was then painted on the shields of all his triumphant warriors and became a brand that has endured ever since.

The “Chi Rho” is a mash-up of the first two letters in the Greek alphabet of the name CRistos – Christ.

Why is this important?

We use the Chi Rho in the opening sequence of each of the documentaries in the Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth series. So much prayer and thought went into the creation of our open that I wanted you have an insider’s peek at its meaning.

As each program opens, a clap of thunder heralds a massive downpour – symbolizing the many storms of life.

In slow motion, a single drop of blood falls to the ground. This reminds us of the precious blood of our Savior; did you realize, that had only a single drop of the Lamb’s blood been shed for us, it would have been sufficient for your salvation?

As the blood drop hits the ground, the Chi Rho (Christ) is arising – resurrecting for our redemption.

And as the blood spreads across the image, the rain washes away – just as the blood of Christ does – our sins, and begins to spread across time and space to demonstrate for us how Christianity spread across the globe.

We hope you enjoy our documentary series. Never before has anyone attempted to tell 2000 years’ worth of Christian history in this manner. Please pray with us that these programs touch the heart of millions of viewers.

Written by:
Norman C. Mintle, Ph.D.
Executive Producer